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Green Plumbing Boulder CO

We believe that it’s our responsibility to offer green plumbing solutions in Boulder County. . We can accomplish this by helping reduce our communities’ water and electric usage, ultimately helping our customers’ and the environments’ well being with sustainable plumbing services and products. We offer green plumbing services and products that are environmentally friendly for residential, commercial, and industrial customers in Boulder, Broomfield, Weld and Denver metro counties.

Water Saving Plumbing Fixtures

We install high efficiency plumbing fixtures for bathroom, kitchen, showerheads, tubs, and toilets. We also are experts with tankless water heater and water purification systems, and more. These all assist in meeting today’s water conservation and purity needs.

These eco-friendly water delivery solutions maximize water efficiency and the life span of the products, without sacrificing any comfort and convenience for the homeowner and their families. On top of this – they can save you money on your utility and water bills!

Chemical Free & Recycling

Our plumbing practices avoid using or selling any plumbing or drain chemicals, and we recycle all of our waste products. Our fleet of trucks include better gas mileage and cleaner fuel burning vehicles. We even have a Planet Plumbing scooter!

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WaterSense Certified Products

We can access a full line of WaterSense approved plumbing fixtures. These WaterSense products are backed by independent, third–party certification and meet EPA’s specifications for water efficiency and performance. Using these water-efficient products in your home or business will provide you with excellent performance, reduce your water bills, and help you save water for future generations.

Residential Water Efficient Plumbing Products


We offer an excellent variety of high efficiency toilets from leading manufacturers, reducing your water usage.

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water efficient bathroom faucets

Bathroom Faucets

Our water efficient bathroom faucets allow you to save up to 20% more water than standard faucets.

Shower Faucets

Water efficient shower heads and shower faucets can provide you with up to 30% in water savings.

high efficiency shower faucets
water saving kitchen faucets

Kitchen Faucets

Select from a variety of water saving kitchen faucets.

Hot Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters save money by using less energy, you never run out of hot water, save space, and last longer than traditional tanks.

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whole house water filtration

Water Purification

Whole house water filtration systems help you protect your family, home, and planet. Increase operational life and efficiency of water heaters, faucets, showerheads, and appliances by reducing clogging and corrosion, saving water.

Commercial Water Efficient Plumbing Products

Be compliant with building codes when installing plumbing fixtures for your project, with water efficient kitchen and bathroom faucets, toilets, and water heaters.

Commercial Toilets

Install high efficiency toilets for your commercial plumbing project. Enjoy water savings coupled with durable and reliable fixtures.

high efficiency commercial toilets
water saving commercial urinals

Commercial Urinals

We offer high efficiency commercial urinals that increase water savings, are durable and reliable, and are designed to handle high usage.

Commercial Faucets

Installing high efficiency faucets are an integral component in getting your commercial project saving water and being environmentally friendly.

high efficiency commercial faucets
commercial water heater boulder

Water Heaters

We offer high efficiency commercial water heater solutions for businesses of any size. Standard water heaters and tankless.

Why Choose Us?

Green Plumbing Services

  • Plumbing install, repair, replacement
  • Bathroom faucet install, repair, replacement
  • Showerhead install, repair, replacement
  • Kitchen faucet install, repair, replacement
  • Tankless water heater install, replace, repair
  • Plumbing leak detection and repair
  • Boiler installation, repair, replacement
  • Drain and sewer cleaning and repair
  • Garbage disposal install, repair, replacement
  • Sewer line video inspection
  • Sump pump install, repair, replacement
  • Toilet install, repair, replacement

Trusted Since 1997

We have been trusted in Boulder, Broomfield and Weld Counties Since 1997. Locally owned and operated Colorado plumbing company. We make sure our Boulder County customers are treated the “Boulder way” and are provided with top quality workmanship, service, and pricing.

bbb a rated plumber

We are members of the Denver-Boulder Better Business Bureau (BBB), are A+ rated, and have won the BBB Gold Star Award! We have excellent reviews on review sites suh as Google, Facebook, BBB, and Yelp.

Experience & Qualifications

We have been in business since 1997, and have over 25 years plumbing experience.

  • Master Plumbers License (#189715)
  • State Plumbing Contractor License (#2448)
  • Licensed and Insured
  • BBB A+ Rating
  • BBB Gold Star Award (for no complaints)
  • BBB Longevity Certificate (accreditation since 2001)

Tips on Conserving Water

As expert plumbers, we see the impact of water usage in homes firsthand, and know how quickly even small inefficiencies can add up. Here are some tips for conserving water in your home in Boulder, Longmont, Louisville, Lafayette, Superior, Broomfield CO, and surrounding areas, straight from plumbing professionals:

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Plumbing Leak Detection and Repair:

Drip detectives:

A single dripping faucet can waste gallons of water per year. Fix those leaks promptly! Replace worn washers or call Green Plumbing Boulder (303) 440-4330 for more complex repairs.

Silent saboteurs:

Hidden leaks in pipes and appliances can be major water wasters. Check your water meter before bed and again in the morning when no water is being used. Any change indicates a potential leak. Listen for hissing sounds near pipes or appliances, which can also be a clue.

Toilet trouble:

A running toilet is a guzzler! Check for leaks inside the tank and fix them with a simple DIY kit or call Green Plumbing Boulder (303) 440-4330. Consider upgrading to a low-flow toilet for long-term efficiency.

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water saving plumbing fixtures

Plumbing Fixture Upgrades:

Shower power switch:

Replace your old showerhead with a low-flow or water-efficient model. You’ll barely notice the difference in pressure, but your water savings will be significant.

Kitchen and bath faucets, aerators

Replace old faucets with new water efficient technology. Install aerators on your faucets to mix air with water, creating a satisfying flow while using less water.


Install water saving toilets.

Go Tankless!

Tankless water heaters use less energy, and have hot water on demand.

Appliance awareness:

Look for Energy Star-rated appliances that use less water per cycle.

Water-Wise Habits:

Shutoff savvy:

Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth, soaping dishes, or shaving. Every little bit counts!

Shower smarts:

Shorten your showers – even a few minutes can make a difference. You can even try installing a shower timer for visual reinforcement.

Laundry and dishwasher loads:

Run your washing machine and dishwasher only when they are full. Partial loads waste water and energy.

Watering wisdom:

Water your lawn and garden early in the morning or evening to minimize evaporation.

water saving plumbing fixtures

What Our Customers Say

  • Ryan was wonderful! I thought I was just going to get an estimate and the work would be scheduled for later. I did get an estimate and then the work was done on the same visit. I had 2 leaky faucets repaired and a kitchen sink faucet replaced. The experience was wonderful and Ryan was very knowledgeable.

    Nan Wilson, Boulder County 5 Star Rating, Google Reviews, December 2023
  • Don Came over and flushed out my tankless water heater, and did an excellent job...and educated me, As well. He was very patient and very knowledgeable. I will use Planet Plumbing again.

    Fa Creighton 5 Star Rating, Google Reviews, November 2023
  • I’ve been a Planet Plumbing customer for almost ten years. I’ve had them do everything from mainline clean outs to replacing ancient pipes in my kitchen. It’s been a good experience every time. They’re always prompt, friendly, honest, and don’t try to pressure me with upsells.

    James Puckett, Boulder County 5 Star Rating, Google Reviews, October 2023
  • We had a busted shutoff valve on a toilet, which caused a it to run continuously. Plant Plumbing sent a young man named Andrew, who arrived the next morning on time and completed the job quickly and even fixed a couple of other small things while he was at it. Nice work, Andrew, and many thanks to PP&D.

    Iko Kovacevic, Local Guide, Boulder County 5 Star Rating, Google Reviews, October 2023
  • They always get it done right. I can't remember his name, but the guy we just had to fix our leak was the nicest person, got the job done Fast and even cleaned the mess. Always call PP first

    Jane McGuire, Boulder County 5 Star Rating, Google Reviews, August 2023
  • WOW I feel so lucky to have gotten to work with Mike from Planet Plumbing - he was SO polite, timely, knowledgeable, and truly went above and beyond all 3 times I had him come help with our bathroom remodel. I have never had such a thorough job done. He not only completed the work I requested he also made great suggestions on making sure fixtures we purchased were swapped and corrected to make sure we had the right stuff. I would absolutely recommend working with Mike he is magical when it comes to all things plumbing and just a downright great person to work with!!!

    Meghan W, Boulder County 5 Star Rating, Google Reviews, August 2023
  • Mike from Planet Plumbing did an exceptional job on my new shower. He is very friendly, super professional and has an incredible attention to detail. He was helpful throughout every step of the process and truly takes pride in his work (and it shows!) I would highly recommend Mike from Planet plumbing and will definitely work with him again.

    Michael D, Local Guide, Boulder County 5 Star Rating, Google Reviews, January 2023
  • Our hot water heater blew out and planet plumbing replaced it with a tankless heater. It was a painless process, even though they had to remove our old heater and move our cumbersome washer and dryer. Gary did the install and was a pleasure to work with. Super professional, nice as can be, and knows his stuff. He really made the experience hassle free and I have confidence in the knowledge that the job was done right. Thank you guys!!

    Emily Guidry, Boulder County 5 Star Rating, Google Reviews, January 2023
  • Needed a new toilet, as mine was over 20 years old. The day before I contacted another highly rated plumbing business to find out what the charge to replace my toilet would be. The price for the new toilet and the labor charge to install it was almost $2200!!! The heck with that I thought... simply outrageous and wrong. So, I decided to call Planet Plumbing instead and easily made an appointment to have someone come to my home and give me an estimate. Dan was the guy who came, gave me a quote to install a new, high quality toilet and with labor costs the total was $600. Dan was great! On time, very friendly, trustful, and just an all around good guy. Completed the installation less than an hour... done! From now on, no question, Planet Plumbing is my easy choice when I need plumbing work done. Nice, down to earth people to deal with. I AM IMPRESSED with this company.

    Glenn Tolbert, Boulder County 5 Star Rating, Google Reviews, January 2022
  • We had an excellent experience with Planet Plumbing. After a valve connection busted in our wall, we gathered a few quotes to quickly determine the issue. Planet Plumbing was spot on in their assessment of the problem, and provided a fair estimate that was a quarter of the price we heard elsewhere. The work was excellent and fast, and they were very responsive. Altogether, I'm very glad we found Planet Plumbing!

    Katie Klug, Local Guide 5 Star Rating, Google Reviews, January 2022

We’re There When You Need Us

We offer Same Day Service and whenever you have an urgent plumbing problem, we will be there to save the day. Our plumbers arrive on-time, and we will set an appointment that is convenient for your schedule. We have the latest equipment and technology, and our fleet of trucks arrive fully stocked with parts and supplies.

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